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Copyright of imagery used for the construction of this website belongs to The Fred Hollows Foundation and to members of The Breakfast Club Diaries.  All content, information, graphics, design and photography are the property of Susan Gourley and Zoe Trap. No use of these may be made without prior written consent.


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  • All financial management activities associated with this project remain the sole responsibility of Susan Gourley on behalf of The Breakfast Club Diaries.
  • The Breakfast Club Diaries is not a representative or agent of The Fred Hollows Foundation, but rather an independent fundraising project with all proceeds to The Foundation.
  • The Breakfast Club Diaries is not a registered charity or a registered business, but rather a good will community based project that has been given approval by The Fred Hollows Foundation to produce an art/photography coffee table book with all proceeds to The Foundation.
  • Total expenses associated with this project do not exceed 40% of the total amount of money raised as outlined by the Terms and Conditions of The Fred Hollows Foundation. 500 units @ $49.50 = $24,750.00 minus 115 units @ $49.50 = $5,692.50 as part of the tiered sponsorship packages + $4,207.50 budget = $9,900.00 (40%). Total amount of proceeds to The Fred Hollows Foundation = $14,850.00 (60%).
  • The Breakfast Club Diaries is not a charity or a registered business. Therefore, a PayPal account has been set up in the name of Susan Gourley for the purpose of receiving money in the form of sponsorship and sales of the book on behalf of The Breakfast Club Diaries. This money will be transferred to a bank account in the name of The Breakfast Club Diaries for the sole purchase of this project. On completion, the PayPal and bank account will be immediately closed.
  • The Breakfast Club Diaries is actually offering sponsors a product and therefore is not considered as a charitable gift that can be tax deductable. Instead, a receipt will be issued that records the purchase of goods/service.
  • The Breakfast Club Diaries book is not for resale.
  • The Breakfast Club Diaries website www.susangourley.com.au/tbcd/ has been created using a completely separate and independent subdomain with its own unique content within the master account of Susan Gourley as a simple, efficient and affordable means of web design in the context of The Breakfast Club Diaries project.


Your privacy and security is very important to us. All information collected will be used solely by The Breakfast Club Diaries to process your purchase. While we exercise appropriate care in relation to the security of your personal information, no data transmission over the internet can be guaranteed to be completely secure. The Breakfast Club Diaries will not warrant the security of any personal information transmitted to us over the internet and you understand that you will provide information at your own risk. We take all reasonable care to make our site as secure as we can.