The Breakfast Club Diaries (TBCD) book is a beautiful and inspiring compilation of images and text, the result of a collaboration created by a Facebook group that was active from May 2012 until August 2015.  Initiated by visual artists Susan Gourley and Zoe Hudson (Trap) from Byron Bay, Australia, the idea was born from one person’s desire to share a moment of beauty and the desire of another to experience it.   A series of digital images taken at sunrise that was accidental in a way, a by-product of early morning walks being the only practical time for daily exercise. However, the splendour that was found therein seemed to change the way the day unfolded and there appeared to be some magic or sense of meditation in seeking out beauty as a start to the day, which was truly inspirational for all involved.

Money raised from the sale of The Breakfast Club Diaries book will be used to support The Fred Hollows Foundation’s sight-saving projects in over 19 countries worldwide and in Australia’s Indigenous communities.”

Our plan was to invite members of TBCD to take a picture of a moment during an early morning walk and share it with the world. The goal was simple; to document, share, explore and discover the uniqueness and diversity of the human experience within the global community as seen through the lens of personal perception, using digital imagery. ‘Early morning walk’ was the criteria to this project. After all, it was photos taken at sunrise/dawn that had been the original source of inspiration for the idea of creating TBCD. How this phrase would be interpreted was left entirely up to the imagination and creativity of members.

Fred Hollows Image credit Robert PearceAfter a period of six months, we chose a selection of images from members to create a limited edition book with all proceeds to The Fred Hollows Foundation. The Fred Hollows Foundation was chosen for its ongoing commitment to end avoidable blindness and its dedication to ensuring that Indigenous Australians can exercise their right to good health. In many of the countries The Foundation works in
it can cost as little as $25 to restore a person’s sight and independence. The Foundation is inspired by the life and work of the late Professor Fred Hollows, an acclaimed eye surgeon and activist for social justice.

One thing that we became aware of very quickly was how blessed we all were to have our sense of sight in which to witness and capture these beautiful moments in time. Therefore, if TBCD could contribute in some way as a collective of people from all over the world in helping restore the eyesight in others…. then this project has gone above and beyond what any of us could ever have imagined.

From all of us at TBCD, we sincerely hope you enjoy and find inspiration within the pages of this book as we have.

Because of our wonderful climate, we are often able to bear witness to the purity of the light as the sun is sucked from the sea. Other mornings, we plod heads down into the rain, in sand that is as unforgiving as powder snow, umbrellas curling in the wind, clothing soaked and itchy… We have come to realise as we’ve witnessed storms and sun and the sea at its foulest that it is a sacred place. And we have realised and experienced all of these things before breakfast, every day.”

Excerpt taken from the book’s foreword: written by Lexi Cutcher, PhD. School of Education Southern Cross University